Ellie Sponsored For Dancing Lessons


A family came to Accommodation Concern for advice after they received an eviction notice. Mum came to us when they were about to be evicted, dad had recently become disabled and the family were distraught. They have a daughter named Ellie who also came to the appointment and shared how much she loved her dancing but couldn’t continue as her mum and dad had no money.


Accommodation Concern asked the Faraway Children's Charity to see if some lessons could be funded for Ellie. The application for funding was approved and Ellie has been happily dancing her way in to competitions!


After competing this weekend Ellie came home with 11 placements , including 1st and 2nd places!


'We are super proud of how well she has done so far this year and can't wait for Blackpool in February next year' her parents said.


Well done Ellie, from all of us at Accommodation Concern

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